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We'll handle your restoration.

You do you.

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WHAT MATTERS MOST you can focus on

At Royal Restoration, our business philosophy is simple. We want each of our customers to be comfortable referring family and friends. So we treat every job as though it were our family, or friend. We handle it the way we would want it handled.




Respond immediately. Identify the cause quickly.

Prevent more damage.

Finish restoration on time.

Communicate clearly.

Educate and reassure customers.

Make the decision easy.

Keep costs down.

Work directly with insurance.

Mitigate bio-hazard now.

Precision demos.

No messes. Ever.

Restore it like it never happened.

These are the reasons we're a 

preferred partner to insurance companies.

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They also love working with us because we don't participate in price fixing, and we never increase prices after bidding.




And with more 5 star reviews than any of our competitors, it isn't surprising that Royal Restoration was given the A+ rating for reputation, and just named one of the top 5 Restoration companies, in Utah County, for 2021!

We love working with you Utah, and Texas!


Timing is key in an emergency. The water, mold, sewage, and smoke will follow the path of least resistance. Secondary damage can begin within hours of the incident.

It's imperative that you contact us now so that our 24-Hr response team can begin mitigation.

Less damage, less time to repair, and lower overall costs are our goals. Make them your goals too!

We're standing by for your call, chat, email, or FB message. You can also complete the following:

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